Our Values

Our values define the way we conduct our business and treat our environment. Basic values of GRUPA JANISZ include respect and trust in relationships with Customers and partners, as well as high quality of the services provided. We strive to create a sense of security for the Customers who entrust us with their cars.

GRUPA JANISZ is a socially responsible company, and is considered to be an integral part of the community in which it operates. Alone or in cooperation with local organizations, we are helping to promote an active lifestyle.

Environmental awareness has become an equally important aspect of our daily activities. We use products based on eco-friendly components, such as water-based RM paints. In the Pomeranian market, we are the pioneers in introducing innovative technologies that reduce harmful environmental factors, such as our eco-friendly paint chamber. By sorting waste, disposing of oils and parts through specialized companies, we are actively taking care of our environment.